Why this blog?

I started this blog with the best of intentions, which were, firstly, to make this method of healing available to anyone who wanted to use it and, secondly, to record my latest use of this method for the benefit of anyone interested. However, fatigue, poor sight, the physical problems I am working on here etc. made me feel like saying, ‘I have neither the time nor the inclination to continue with this blog.’ Since then, however, I have felt that, in fairness to those who might benefit from my continuing, I must continue as best I can.

It will be seen from the home page that I have used this method of healing on my body with success although it must be emphasized that this is no magic bullet, no quick fix; it took up to four years for complete healing.

As some may have gathered from my WP blog “Me & Ian or Spirit & Earthling” I have, since about the middle of July last, been having inexplicable symptoms following my “Complete, reverse, shoulder reconstruction” on the 8th. August 2012 followed by about eleven months of great effort and application resulting in excellent progress with regard to movement and use and, to put you in the picture, below is an X-ray of the actual prosthesis with the X-ray taken from in front of the righthand shoulder.


Also, let me attempt to, firstly, describe the symptoms and, secondly, set out what I see as possible causes together with my comments bearing in mind that there could be other causes.


  1. The main sensation, which is also a physical reality, is one of numbness, heaviness, or immobility mainly in the area of the shoulder but apparently suffusing the whole body. This cannot be felt by touch or another person – hence the word “sensation”.
  2. There is a little pain in the area of the triceps of the right arm which did not bother me or the physiotherapist overseeing my rehabilitation.
  3. Acute fatigue which, incidentally, reduced my walking capability from very brisk over 3-4 kilometres/morning to even two hundred metres with great difficulty; breathing included. This manifested in a matter of few weeks.

Some possible causes (not counting the prime cause of karma).

  1. The advancing age of the body, born in February 1934, except that the onset was too fast.
  2. The failure of some “vital functions” of the system responsible for the extraction of vitamins etc. and essential nutrients from food. This seemed to replicate, with reference to weakness, what occurred a few months after the accident on 4th. August: I was very weak and a blood test found that I had extremely low levels of iron and vitamins B or B12 as well as D. These imbalances were rectified  at the time by injections and supplements.
  3. The leaching into the tissues surrounding the prosthesis, and thence to the whole body, of metals from the stainless steel or whatever other metal/s were used.

Because I am fundamentally against introducing foreign bodies and inorganic chemicals into the body – even needles – I decided to make changes to my diet, take supplements and change the type of one of the latter. However, I felt, deep down, that I should practice my healing method but procrastinated because it has been many years since I meditated.

Eventually, on 29th September I started the process and will record my comments in posts so please go to POSTS in this blog.

NOTE: Although my father was a brilliant doctor, two of his three brothers were doctors and many of his numerous nephews and nieces were either doctors or nurses, many of whom worked in England and the U.S.A., I have had no mental blocks to a critical analysis of western medicine and the other possibilities.

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